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In Partnership with World Leading Manufacturers

Accura Instrumentation & Calibration is an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 17025:2017 certified services and solution provider based in Abu Dhabi. Our goal is to meet the requirements of Oil and Gas, Utility, Marine, Civil, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Food industries by providing quality services and state of the art technology solutions in the fields of Instrumentation and Calibration. We have acquired best facilities, equipment and workforce to ensure best services, zero tolerance in terms of quality and compliance to national and international standards.
We are also specialized in designing and delivering customized control solutions like remote monitoring systems for, pressure, temperature, flow and level. Accura Instrumentation & Calibration is in partnership with world leading manufacturers to deliver instrumentation, control technologies and products at all levels of process control and for all types of industries.
The products that we are representing are perfectly designed for remote automation. Remote automation devices support a range of functions, from monitoring, remote control and automation flow calculation to custody transfer support and remote temperature / humidity monitoring.


Recognized as a Total Calibration Service Provider

Accura Instrumentation and Calibration recognized as a total calibration service provider for over two decades and with a state of art calibration laboratory that maintains compliance to ISO 17025:2017. Accura Instrumentation and Calibration deliver calibration services by understanding our client’s needs and through a partnership approach, which offers flexible contracting options.

We are committed to ensuring the ongoing performance, accuracy and compliance of your instruments and equipment through calibration and repair. Our knowledge and experience extends to a range of regulatory industries.


Inaccurate measurement leaves oil and gas companies exposed to the risk of large financial losses whether at the exploration, production or distribution stage. With calibration of measurement instrumentation services from ACCURA INSTRUMENTATION & CALIBRATION, you can be sure of the highest degree of measurement accuracy, reducing measurement uncertainties.

Oil and Gas Industry

From production facilities, both on and offshore, through to distribution pipeline systems, storage facilities, tankers and oil refineries..

Food and Beverage Industry

In food and beverage industry, high and consistent product quality is a top priority issue. Improving safety, ensuring high and consistent..

Marine industry

We manage the system for our customers, ensuring traceable, calibrated and certified instruments. This will be carried out by our own..


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